Class Styles

  • Slow & Fluid – allowing time within poses for taking deep breaths in and out with consciousness. Taking moments to feel your breath within movement and full awareness to that connection. Slow down, experience a sense of peace, build strength and balance. Infrared heated room. Great for all levels.
  • Hot & Vibrant – purposeful, higher energy movement. Condition your body, connect to the big picture, find depth of breath and a deep detox. Reach in and sweat it out. Infrared heated room.
  • Hot Mat Pilates – build a strong, balanced body and increase mobility and flexibility. Notice improvements in breathing, focus, stress management, and body awareness. Infrared heated room.
  • Hot HIIT Pilates – A high energy class with good beats and lots of fun, Hot HIIT Pilates is a mix of Mat Pilates and high intensity intervals to strengthen your core, tone your glutes and get your heart pumping! 
  • Hot Yoga Pilates Fusion – a blend of yoga and pilates elements.
  • Restore & Recharge – be still and know yourself better. In a world of constant bustle, hustle and grind, this is your opportunity to cultivate balance and choose to chill. Infrared warm room.
  • Yoga Mobility – a blend of asana (yoga poses), breath work and myofascial release using RAD mobility tools. Benefits: Enhanced joint range of motion, Increased athletic performance, Reduced risk of injury, Improved posture, Full body quality of movement, Tissue and joint alignment, Balance of mobility and stability, Improved recovery time, Increased circulation.
  • AcroYoga is a movement exercise combining yoga, acrobatics, and human connection, and involves balancing one or more people on your body in various poses. Key components are core strength, balance, teamwork, trust, and FUN! See examples of some basic poses at This video from the Vancouver Acrofest provides a great overview of AcroYoga:

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Founded in 2021 by Jolie Ensign, PAUSE, is an intimate boutique yoga & pilates studio based in Durango, CO.

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1305 Escalante Dr, Ste 202 (Purple Cliffs Wellness Center above Sunnyside Farms Market in Purple Cliffs Wellness Center)
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