Referral Program

Ongoing Referral Perks for Pause Members

Refer your friends and save $5 EVERY month for EVERY referral you make!  This is an ongoing perk for members of Pause Studio.

As a small business, we greatly appreciate it when you help share the word about Pause Studio.  As a reflection of our gratitude, we have established a referral program that gives you a little extra incentive to share your experiences and love for Pause Studio.  And plus, you get to flow alongside your pals + have accountability buddies!  Win-win for everyone!

All members receive $5 off *EVERY MONTH for every referral that signs up for a new membership at Pause Studio.  This discount continues for as long as your referral keeps their membership and there is NO LIMIT on how many people you can refer.  

  • For example, refer 1 friend who becomes a member and get $5 off your membership every month. Refer two people and get $10 off your membership every month. Refer 5 people and get $25 off your membership every month!” (for as long as your referrals renew their memberships). 

How to Refer a Friend:

  1. Share your experience & spread the word.  Invite your friends to class & tell them it’s on you.  NOTE: As a member you get 2 free guest passes per month which can be used by anyone who is new to Pause Studio.
  2. Your friend loves Pause Studio too and decides to sign up for a membership!  All they need to do is email with your name as referring you to ensure you get the discount.
  3. Get the awesome perk of $5 off your membership dues every month that your friend keeps their membership! 

How the Program Discount Works:

  1. You must hold an active membership at Pause Studio (Unlimited Monthly Membership, 10 Class Pass or 4x/month Membership).
  2. When your friend purchases their membership & emails your name as the referrer, you get your perks!
  3. Your $5 discount will be applied to future membership payments/purchases scheduled for payment at least 14 days out.  We are unable to modify or backdate payments and need lead time to change your terms.  Again, turnaround of membership change is not immediate but the good news is the savings recurs from here on out!​

Special Considerations:

  • $5 referral discounts are valid for current members of Pause Studio holding a membership for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Your referral discount will be applied to all membership payments scheduled for 14 days in the future and beyond.
  • Your referral discount continues for as long as your friend maintains their membership.
  • There is NO LIMIT to how many friends you refer.  With enough referrals, you could get the perk of a FREE membership!


Founded in 2021 by Jolie Ensign, PAUSE, is an intimate boutique yoga & pilates studio based in Durango, CO.

Do you have questions about our yoga studio or the classes we offer here?

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1305 Escalante Dr, Ste 202 (Purple Cliffs Wellness Center above Sunnyside Farms Market)
Durango, CO 81303

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