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September 10th, 9am-4pm

UNLEASH YOURSELF is all about inspiring you to start FULLY LIVING; FULLY EMBRACING YOURSELF, and FULLY EMBODYING; all aspects of your precious beautiful self.💞

These workshops are for women who are feeling any of the following: tired, burnout, lonely, undervalued, unseen, unfulfilled, uninspired, anxious, bored, or just blah. For women feeling like there is something more that they are ready to step into, set fire to, and rise up from; TOGETHER in a safe, sacred, supportive community of sisterhood. 

For those tired of playing small. Tired of being quiet. Tired of ‘staying’ (when you know it’s time to go; the job, the relationship, the place), tired of doubting oneself, tired of going through the motions. 

The Goddess Yoga is a practice that breaks all the rules. It’s a combination of Yoga/dance fusion, belly dance inspired sacred sensual movement that honors the feminine. It’s flow, circular, and fun! Goddess helps you really get in your body, tap into your sensuality, connect to yourself in a way that is FREEING & FUN! Goddess Yoga is a movement spreading across the globe of women ready to rise and step into their power and do so in a community of supportive sacred sisterhood. It’s liberating, it’s freeing, and it’s a DEEPLY HEALING somatice movement experience.

Ignite Your Passions & Purpose is all about helping you align with #1, what passion means to you! And from there, learning a process that helps you uncover your very own passions and live a life in alignment with just that! When we are connected to ourselves, to prioritizing our passions on a daily basis, often what happens is 1 of 2 things; #1: we find more enjoyment and purpose in our lives as it is. Or #2: it sparks us to make changes in order to align with a life more in tune with those passions. And always, when we are in alignment with our passions, eventually – we are led to our purpose (or purposes!). All of which is constantly changing; both passions and purpose. This process helps us embrace life as a never ending journey of ebbing, flowing, shifting and changing vrs having to be stuck or attached to ONE purpose or ONE way of living life. 

Breath Is Prayer Ceremony; Conscious Breathwork (Rebirthing lineage)

We go out with a bang to really seal the deal of all that gets unearthed, stirred up and brought to consciousness through a powerful breathwork ceremony to close the day. Breathwork is one of the most powerful somatic healing modalities I’ve discovered and I’m thrilled to share this practice that helps one connect to their deepest self, to the divine within and without; ones soul essence. It’s a way to clear and empty out what energetically doesn’t serve, and open up to the infinite possibilities in every moment. There’s so much more to say about the breathwork and I certainly will in the following posts, but that’s the short and sweet of these conscious breathwork journeys and why they are a part of this workshop; the ultimate way to UNLEASH oneself, especially after Goddess Yoga and Igniting your Passions!

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Limited space available. Excited to see those who feel called to join us in this powerful sacred FUN container to explore, expand and open up to your most fullest expression! The workshop will be held at Pause.


Weds, Sept 14th, 530-630pm at Pause Studio

Florence and Fleetwood Rock n’ Yoga with Nicole Peltier

The dog days are over“… ladies and gentlemen, so let’s rock this yoga with the epic music of Florence and Fleetwood. “Listen to the wind blow”, “Between two lungs it was released”. We will breathe, move, sway and groove. This class is all levels, yet, be prepared to “Run fast for your mother, fast for your father” because we will amp it up when the moment calls for it. Also, dress it up, if you desire, “leather and lace” over your yoga gear.  “Dreams” do come true, so bring all your friends, newbies welcome! Refreshments served afterwards.

Nicole has been teaching her eclectic, musically inspired, creative sequences for over 17 years while owning and operating a yoga studio in Brookside, Tulsa (The Yoga Room). Her timing, rhythm & experience with creative options make her classes feel fresh and invigorating, yet also, aligned. Nicole studied at Mount Madonna Center in 2000 & 2001. Over the past 17 years she has accumulated many training with mentors such as Tias Little (Prajna Teacher Training), Shiva Rae (Prana Vinyasa) , and the Prison Yoga Project. She has been training teachers locally with EYS (Everyone Yoga School) for the past 4 years. Her specialties are ‘The Art of Cueing’, ‘Mirroring & Volume Control’ and ‘Tools to Expand Flow Options’. She currently offers Certified Yoga Teachers a 16-20 hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Certification in her original yoga style she calls H3 (Hip Hop Hatha). Her latest creation is Raven Yoga for Sobriety. Nicole is passionate about her personal recovery and eager to find ways to assist others in the path she claims saved her life and gave her soul a make-over. Nicole trains tirelessly in Trauma Informed, Relapse Prevention, Recovery inspired workshops and trainings. Her students get lifted and empowered with the soul work she lives and with the music and moves that make her heart shine. She teaches full time at The Yoga Room and offers classes currently at Women in Recovery, 12&12 (Rehab & Recovery Center), Street School (for under privileged youth) and yoga retreats & festivals.