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Music AS ThERapY: Gong Immersion by Alchemedic SonicTree – 2nd Friday of every month at 530pm, starting October 13th.

$25. 10% off for those with memberships.

Join us at Pause Yoga & Pilates for a relaxing transformational experience with Sedna. The rhythmic music produced thru Sedna creates coherence of mind/body.  This calms the central nervous system alleviating stress, anxiety, pain, depression and internal inflammation.

Alchemedic SonicTree   (Steven Veillette)   Steven is a musician and dedicated yogi who loves’ to facilitate change and transformation through his work.  Steven has been experimenting with sound therapeutically for decades, evolving into his current work today with resonance.   Steven suffered several severe head injuries and used this work to bring him back from cognitive and physical decline.  The harmonics and music produced by rhythmically playing the gong bring coherence to the heart and balance the central nervous system.       

Music AS ThERapY   What is it?  These are therapeutic sessions that engage the “music of the spheres” creating a deep immersion into the sound current through the harmonics generated by rhythmically playing different planetary gongs.  

How does it work?  It works thru sympathetic vibration also known as rhythm entrainment.  This process resets the central nervous system and brings coherence to the heart.  Once the heart center becomes coherent the mind follows creating resonance.  

What does it do?  It brings relief from stress, anxiety, pain, depression and internal inflammation.  This truly is a panacea for whatever ailment or dis-ease one may have be it mental, emotional or physical.       

Acro Yoga – First Friday of each month! Starts again in October! 6-7:30pm. $20 Drop In or included in Memberships.


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